Monday, July 31, 2006

Dress Issues

Will I get in trouble if I use real names? Oh well, we’ll see…

It’s five days to my wedding. Five! I thought all the big stuff was done. On Sunday, I had lunch with my beautiful bridesmaids. Then Lia, on of these lovely ladies, took me to the Elwood Spa and I had a very fabulous pedicure. In general, I had a relaxing weekend and looked forward to a relatively cal week. But, no!

I’m having dress issues. My last bridesmaid’s dress has not arrived yet. I ordered it late, after the four other girls, because of complications with this bridesmaid living overseas. But that doesn’t matter. I asked the bridal store if there would be any problems. They said, no. It’ll arrive at the end of July. Well, it’s the end of July. Where’s the dress? I couldn’t deal with it anymore, so I had Pam (my MoH) calling for me last week and over the weekend. Not what Dawn is in town (the overseas BM) I have her calling too. After that woman brushed me off the phone, I knew that I’d flip out if the next answer I got was the wrong one. So, Dawn will get her dress (fingers crossed) and I will never have to deal with Tiffany’s Bridal again.

Wait. I have more.

I and three of the bridesmaids, at the recommendation of the bridal store, went to a woman named Minda who operates out of her home. They “highly” recommended her. so I, not knowing any better, went with their recommendation. We dropped off our dresses on the 13th of July and still don’t have them back yet (1pm on July 31st). When I got a hold of her on Thursday, she told me they wouldn’t be ready until Monday (today). I told her that I had asked for the 28th or 29th at the latest. She said, no, Monday. I didn’t know what to do, so I called Pam. She call her and got the woman to agree to Sunday. Pam tried to call her again over the weekend, but she didn’t answer. She had no answering machine!! So on Sunday, before our delightful lunch, Pam called again and sat on the phone and let it ring. She let it keep ringing until finally Minda picked up. Of course she said the dresses were NOT ready. Why? Because something came up. The b*$@^ got her way and I don’t get my wedding dress until five days before my wedding!!

Everything will be fine. That’s what I have to tell myself. Everything will be fine…

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