Saturday, July 29, 2006

The Ersatz Elevator

What a horrible story!!! The Ersatz Elevator was excruciating! Again, the Baudelaire orphans are betrayed by people they are supposed to trust. They think that they have finally found a home that they can live in and grow up in until Violet comes of age. Again, they are sadly mistaken.

They were so close to saving the Quagmires. They certainly are in a precarious predicament. Every time the Quagmires about to tell the Baudelaires about the V.F.D. something stops them. I’m sure this secret will tell them all about their parents’ mysterious deaths. It’s very frustrating.

I have to say that the best chapter in possibly the whole series is chapter 10 of The Ersatz Elevator. It was amazing! I yelled out loud. If you can only read one book (besides the first one) read this one. After all they’ve been through; this is just a horrible kick in the butt.

I loved this story. I can’t wait to read The Vile Village. I can only imagine how horrible it will be.

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