Tuesday, June 07, 2011

E-Reader Emissions

Another great post from Brenna at Literary Musings.  (Click below for original post.)

Remember also that people are always upgrading to newest gadget.  Kobo has a new touch screen ereader being offered at Chapters/Indigo.  So, I wonder, how much non-recyclable waste is being created.

Literary Musings: E-Reader Emissions: "Yet another reason to shop at secondhand bookstores. Via Slate"

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  1. I buy used books a lot and I definitely pass on any books I don't want to keep. Not to mention all the lending and borrowing of books. I think a paper book can serve many readers in its lifespan. Also as you rightly point out, people do keep upgrading to the latest gadgets. Obviously, all of this would impact the results.