Sunday, June 12, 2011

Word of the Week!

I couldn’t let another week pass without posting the Word of the Week. The reason there haven’t been any posts is because I haven’t come across any new words. I’m hoping that one of the books I’ll be reading next will change that. Instead, this week I wanted to post about a word I see all the time. I know what it means contextually, but I didn’t know if I could define it.

Harbinger: Originally it meant a person that is sent in advance to provide lodging.
Now, it means a person or thing that foreshadows the coming of something or someone. A herald.
I frequently see this word in the context of something negative: “harbinger of death”. After reading the actual definition, I think it could be used positively: “harbinger of life” and whatever other good thing you want announced before it arrived.

Though I have no story/blog/article to attribute it to, that’s my word of the week!


  1. I chronically misspell this one "Harbringer".

  2. Hahaha! That's usually what I want to say and have to stop and correct myself.