Sunday, August 11, 2013

City of Fallen Angels

Really? Really, Cassandra Clare?  That's how you're going to end the book?  I don't know how I feel about this ending. Usually, even when reading books in series, I like to feel that the novel is complete.  Maybe if the last chapter was titled something else, not quite "Epilogue", but I don't know... Maybe I'm feeling like this because it is a major cliffhanger.  I suppose the main part of the story line completed itself well.  City of Fallen Angels was definitely a good start to the second half of Clare's The Mortal Instruments series.

Really, I couldn't put down Fallen Angels. I think the reason I enjoyed it was the focus on Simon. I enjoyed Jordan and I loved Izzy.  Maia has become a more interesting character.  Yes, Jace and Clary are the "stars" of the series, but putting Simon as a focal point was a great change.  He's going through so many things.  Not just regular vampire things, but the other things that make him unique.  By giving the secondary characters more time in the forefront, I think Clare was making sure her readers didn't get bored.  I certainly didn't. - Also, communication kids, it's important. I'm just sayin'. -

I'm very glad that I read Clockwork Angel first.  Magnus really connected both books and they're connected in other ways too.  Just knowing what a "Subjugate" is before Izzy mentions it was nice. Though it is going to be difficult, I'm glad that I decided to alternate the books in the two series.  I think it'll make the reading experience more interesting. So, while I'm eager to see what happens in City of Lost Souls, the next Cassandra Clare book I'll be reading is Clockwork Prince.  You know... maybe I'm warming up a bit to the ending... but I don't know how I really feel.  Maybe it'll be couple days before I know.

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