Friday, February 04, 2011

The Hop Wants To Know: What Are You Reading?

Book Blogger Hop

I thought I’d do some Crazy Blog Hopping this week...

This week we’re being asked "What are you reading now and why are you reading it?"

Right now I’m reading Prince Caspian. It is arguably the second or the fourth book in the Chronicles of Narnia. Why am I reading it? Well, I never read the entire series as a kid. I vaguely remember reading The Magician’s Nephew, but not any of the other books. My wonderful hubby bought me the series box set, so away I go. I’m really enjoying it and am looking forward to rest of the series.

What are you reading?


  1. I read them in chronological order - not published order, too. I need to revisit the Narnia books.

  2. Anonymous5/2/11 12:24

    I love the Narnia books. When I received the box set as a kid, it was organized in published order, and once I read the series I re-arranged them to be in chronological order. As an adult, though, I've put the boxed set back on published order...I seem to have mixed feelings about how they "ought" to be read!

    Anyway, here through the hop, and wanted to say hi. Happy weekend!

  3. I'll be reading this whole series in 2011 .. it's on my "Series Completion" challenge. I read the first two books a few years ago, and I'm debating on going back and re-reading, or not. I know they're short and that I should, to "refresh" myself on the plot line. But I have SO many books to read this year. Tough call.

  4. Delphyne, Jessica, I feel like books in a series should be read in the order they are written by the author. From what I've read about Lewis and the Narnia books, it seems that Lewis makes reference to events in books he had previously written, but they take place later in the Narnia timeline.

    Adam, I think you should re-read the books. They're so short and easy to read. Though I don't think it would make too much of a difference if you chose not to read them again. I find the books stand well on their own.