Monday, February 14, 2011

Three Things You Should Know About Peggy Paula, By: Lindsay Hunter

1. Peggy Paula needs some help.
2. Something is wrong with her self-esteem.
3. She doesn’t seem to have any [parental] guidance.
(My three things.)

Three Things You Should Know About Peggy Paula comes from the Fifty-Two stories website, first introduced to me by John Mutford, host of this weekly event. It’s a great website filled with interesting short stories. Each week, a new one is posted, showcasing a different author. You may not like every story, but they’re all so different, I think there might be one for everyone.

Three Things You Should Know About Peggy Paula was written by Lindsay Hunter, a writer from Chicago, whose first book was published this past fall. She is also the co-founder of Quickies, a showcase for writers’ very short prose / flash fiction.

Peggy Paula was story 42 from 2010. So, I originally read it a while ago, but because of my real life (ie. morning sickness), I didn’t get to review it in a timely manner. This week, I wanted to restart my participation in Short Story Monday and this story was the first that popped to mind. Lindsay Hunter created a character that stayed with me. It’s a short short story, but Peggy Paula was so vivid, that three months later, I still thought of her. Peggy Paula seems as though she could be based on a real person. Peggy Paula is very much the opposite of who I am; I would never make the choices she makes, it makes me wonder how she got to be the way she is. I was intrigued by the story and will be on the look-out for more work by Lindsay Hunter.

Side Note: I think that is a picture of Lindsay Hunter. I got it from Goodreads.

Short Story Monday is hosted by John Mutford at The Book Mine Set.


  1. Flash fiction can be so much fun. Thanks for sharing this one about poor Peggy Paula.

    I read a classic this week by Graham Greene. It was an awesome short that packed a punch but much longer than 3 lines. It's about 23 pages but is a fast read.

  2. I've bookmarked this website and will try to read this story at some stage. I like intriguing stories....